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Personal Injury FAQ

You Have Questions. Johnson & Associates, PC has Answers

Few people know exactly what to do in order to get compensation after a serious accident. That is why you cannot to afford to wait when it comes to hiring an Alaskan personal injury lawyer from the offices of Johnson & Associates, PC. Our firm is dedicated to serving Alaskans who have been injured in all types of accidents across the state. We do everything necessary to build the strongest case, including traveling anywhere in the state, no matter how far. Our attorneys understand the community of Alaska and will travel by plane, boat, or snowmobile out in the bush in order to handle your case to your satisfaction.

Get started by reading through the questions and answers we have provided below. The best way to learn about your situation and your options, however, is to engage in a free case evaluation with a member of our legal team. Schedule your appointment today!
Am I Eligible for Compensation?

In order to file a successful claim for compensation after an accident, you must be able to prove that you were injured in an accident and that you were not responsible for causing your accident or injuries in any way. You must also be able to establish liability on the part of someone else, holding them responsible for your damages.

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How Much is My Personal Injury Claim Worth?

Some personal injury damages, such as medical bills and property repairs, have a set and measurable monetary value. Other damages, however, such as pain and suffering, have no set value and must be determined by negotiation, or by a judge in court. That is why must hire a skilled personal injury lawyer who can fight to maximize your compensation.

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How Long Will My Case Take?

There is no way to give an exact timeline for how long an injury case will take since it varies in each situation. A large factor in determining how long it will take is whether or not a settlement will be reached or if the case needs to be taken to court. There is no timetable for injury claims and lawsuits. It can be a matter of months or for more challenging situations it can last years. Having an attorney can help streamline the process and seek a resolution in a more timely manner.

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What is Wrongful Death?

Wrongful death is when an innocent person loses their life in an accident caused by someone else. A wrongful death claim is a claim that is filed by the victim's surviving family members and / or dependents in order to obtain compensation for all financial and emotional damages that result from their loved one's wrongful death.

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When Should I File My Case?

As soon as possible is best. It can be a time-consuming process so you want to get started now. There is also a Statute of limitations for how long you have to be able to seek compensation. Waiting too long may cause you to lose your right to compensation.

Wrongful death claims must be filed within two years of the accident or accident-related death, according to the statute of limitations for wrongful death. Any claims that are filed after this limit will not be valid and will not result in compensation.

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What Damages can I Recover in a Claim?

By filing a personal injury claim, you can obtain compensation for medical bills, property repairs and replacement, mileage to and from doctor appointments, loss of income, impairment, and disability, pain, and suffering. These are only some of the most common personal injury damages for which you could receive compensation. Speak with an attorney to learn what damages are able to be recovered for your specific case.

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When Should I File a Personal Injury Claim?

According to the statute of limitations, you must file a personal injury claim within two years of the accident or of the moment your accident-related injuries appear. Otherwise, you forfeit your right to compensation.

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How is Economic Value Determined for Non-Economic Damages?

As seen above, many damages resulting from wrongful death are not economic in nature. In order to determine the amount of compensation for these damages, the court will examine the extent of the family's loss and suffering and will come up with a monetary amount that is considered to be adequate compensation. This is where a skilled attorney becomes necessary, since they play a part in helping the court realize how serious the damages are and how they need extensive compensation.

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Do I Need to Hire an Attorney?

The best and most beneficial decision you can make at this time is to hire a lawyer. Your chances of obtaining maximum compensation are very low without the representation of a skilled and experienced personal injury lawyer. Consult a member of our legal team today to take the first step toward fair compensation.

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Client Reviews
Johnson & Associates is a tight-knit group of hard working people that I cannot praise enough! The dedication and persistence I have seen from this team is incredible. They not only provide excellent law representation, but the support system built by the team is one of a kind. They care about each individual and are by far the best I have seen in personal injury. A million stars!!! Rivers Ducharme
Mr. Johnson and his staff were remarkable to work with! They were both professional and yet very down to earth. They made me feel a part of their family and would often check in on me! In fact, Jennifer even went out of her way, sending cards to me well after my case had been resolved! I would highly recommend them! Jennifer Koontz