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Spinal Cord Injury

Catastrophic Injury Lawyer Serving Anchorage, Kodiak & Rural Alaska

When you sustain a catastrophic injury, you can be left with the need for ongoing medical treatment, you can be left out of work and you may be dealing with additional pain and suffering. Spinal cord injuries can be incredibly debilitating and you should start seeking results with the representation of an Alaska injury lawyer. There is a limited amount of time that you have, with the statute of limitations giving you a restricted window of opportunity. Failing to pursue compensation during that time can leave you dealing with the cost yourself, rather than holding the responsible party liable for damages. Contact us to start taking action!

Causes & Symptoms of Spinal Cord Injuries

A spinal cord injury can be the results of a number of accidents. Many times these result from an auto accident, a violent attack, a fall, a sports injury or another type of serious incident. There are different ways that the spinal cord can be damaged and this will influence the symptoms and disabilities that injured parties deal with. The spine can be crushed and this can put pressure on the spinal cord or a piece of the spine can find its way into the cord. The cord can also be cut or completely severed. Depending on the location and severity of damage the symptoms can vary. For some, they may deal with the loss of functional control.

Compensation for SPIs

Spinal cord injuries can cause life changing damage. You may be in long-term pain, you can be limited in your control or you may even suffer from paralysis. Many victims of these injuries find themselves significantly disabled, reliant on others to help them carry out tasks they previously did on their own. Not only can an SPI be painful and debilitating, it can also lead to emotional pain for those harmed. Some can be put out of work for a period of time or even permanently. It will be necessary to show the following:

  • That the other party was negligent
  • That this led to the accident
  • That they were ultimately responsible for the injuries
Why Work With Our Alaska Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer?

When you are injured, turning to an attorney can greatly increase your chance of recovering fair compensation. Trying to take your case on alone may leave you getting a lower settlement if you receive compensation at all. An attorney is able to recognize how much you lost due to the accident and to make sure that this is taken into account into the final results that you earn. They can also prevent you from taking a settlement option that is below what you should. Having worked extensively with insurance companies, they know when they are trying to take advantage of an injured party.

An attorney has the experience in these cases to recognize a fairer idea of what should be expected. As the case progresses and further information comes to light, they can also take this into account, giving you a greater idea of where your case stands along the way. An injury can leave you dependent on the compensation you receive to be able to pay for your medical costs, to receive lost wages and for other financial effects. Without the right attorney, you may receive a lower amount, which puts the burden on you. Working with a professional gives you access to a professional who knows what steps to take and can provide you peace of mind.

Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer for Alaska

Many people find it extremely difficult to deal with a legal matter on their own in addition to the injury they are already dealing with. A legal professional is able to alleviate this weight and allow you to focus on your recovery. Our Alaskan personal injury attorneys are highly esteemed for the results that they have been able to secure, with millions of dollars recovered for our clients. Our firm has the experience, the results and the one on one attention you need in your case and through our efforts, we may be able to gain an outcome that makes sure that you and your family are provided for now and in the future. For further insight into how we can assist in your case, fill out a free case evaluation form on our site or contact our office. We have 25 years of collective experience representing people just like you.

Client Reviews
Johnson & Associates is a tight-knit group of hard working people that I cannot praise enough! The dedication and persistence I have seen from this team is incredible. They not only provide excellent law representation, but the support system built by the team is one of a kind. They care about each individual and are by far the best I have seen in personal injury. A million stars!!! Rivers Ducharme
Mr. Johnson and his staff were remarkable to work with! They were both professional and yet very down to earth. They made me feel a part of their family and would often check in on me! In fact, Jennifer even went out of her way, sending cards to me well after my case had been resolved! I would highly recommend them! Jennifer Koontz